Since 1999, the team at The Dorries Group and Waste Recruiters have been committed to serving the waste industry by helping our Client Companies find the talent they need in order to grow their business and by helping our Candidates find jobs where they can contribute at their highest level.  The industry has changed over time and we have had to adapt our business model to accommodate those changes.  Our client base has evolved from a few large companies to hundreds of companies ranging from small independent haulers to large International companies in all areas of the industry…hauling, landfill, recycling, equipment manufacturing, equipment dealerships, etc.,  engaged in all activities, waste streams, and disciplines.  We started out with a rolodex, a telephone, and a fax machine with the goal of engaging with 20 people per day and now our social media/LinkedIn posts reach over 20,000 industry professionals a day.  Through all the changes, our basic philosophy remains the same…Listen.  Listen to what the Company wants in terms of the candidate(s) that they are looking for and Listen to our candidates in terms of what they are looking for in their next job.  We would rather miss an opportunity to fill a position than fill a position with the wrong candidate.  We can’t fill 100% of the job orders we receive and we can’t find a great job for 100% of the people who apply, but we can Listen and at least provide you with options.  We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.