Flat Rate Pricing

Flat Rate Pricing

Waste Recruiters is proud to be the first and the only recruiting firm in the waste industry to offer flat fee pricing. We feel that the recruiting industry is in the middle of a large change and the great equalizer is technology and we have seen firsthand how that has changed recruiting. We understand that many companies try to hire their own employees prior to hiring a recruiter and we are not attempting to replace the HR department but become an extension of it.

Our flat fee pricing structure has been very popular and has opened many doors for Waste Recruiters. We welcome a conversation with you to see how we can assist you with your hiring needs. We will be happy to send you pricing based on the different levels and positions that we recruit for. Our clients have saved thousands of dollars in fees without losing quality of service or the candidates that we present. Compare our fees to paying 20% to 30% of the employees first year salary and you will agree that our flat fee recruiting model is a winner. You only pay us if you hire our candidate and we provide you with a replacement guarantee all for one flat fee.

Flat Rate Pricing Structure

Question relating to drivers and mechanics and recruiting and do we recruit for either position?

We have successfully recruited for both of these positions and would consider it on a case by case basis but have found that the waste haulers have an easier time finding drivers in their local market on their own via local advertising and networking. On a side note – both of these positions have continually over the years gotten harder and harder to find qualified drivers and mechanics and you can only expect this to get worse over time as technology and much less labor intensive jobs are available.

Contact Patrick and or Mark to discuss our flate rate pricing options and how we can partner with you to assist you in hiring top talent while saving time and money in the process.

patrick@wasterecruiters.com | 864-444-1804

mark@wasterecruiters.com | 817-296-5237

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Patrick for over 20 years in the waste industry. I first met him in Pittsburgh when he was working for WM where I would sell containers to him. We have kept in touch over the years and have become friends and I have found Patrick to be a wealth of knowledge in the waste industry and a large network of waste professionals. We recently needed to hire two outside sales reps for our company and Patrick and Waste Recruiters were my first and only call. They only sent me very targeted and qualified candidates in which we wished that we could hire all 3 of the candidates as they were all that good. We did end up hiring two candidates that are doing a great job for our company. I highly recommend that if you have a need for top talent, that you give them a call.

Del Cochran

VP of Sales, Northeast Container