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Are you looking for a new position? Maybe you just want a partner who can quietly keep an eye out for opportunities that will improve your current situation? At Waste Recruiters, confidentiality and respect is assured as we work with you to explore career opportunities. Mark Dorries and Patrick Van Every, partners of Waste Recruiters have combined over 50 years in the waste business, doing many of the jobs that we are recruiting for. Our large network of waste industry professionals expands coast to coast many of which have become personal friends over the years. There is a funny saying in the waste industry – once you work in it, it is hard to get away from it, and it just gets in your blood. We know the feeling and would be honored to work with you to find your next profession in the waste industry.


Searching for quality opportunities is a complex process today. Actually it sucks if we are being blunt and honest and the days of knowing someone on the inside are long gone. Technology has some great advantages but it also puts up many walls and barriers to having your resume seen by anyone and it is hard to talk to a human being. Turning your job search into successful, actionable steps remains a challenge for most candidates. With most online positions receiving hundreds of resumes, working with a well-connected recruiting professional offers qualified candidates a greater chance of being considered for top positions within the waste industry. Choosing the right recruiting partner to work with is the most important decision you will make at the start of your search.

We work closely with our candidates to fully understand their needs, professional goals, and what they desire in a workplace environment.

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Patrick is the ultimate professional. He always has the best interest of his client and the candidates in mind. It’s critical to Patrick that it’s the right fit. As a candidate you want someone who understands your goals and aspirations that you can trust. Patrick became a partner through the process, not just a recruiter. Easy to work with and always available.

John Briggs

Regional Sales Manager